Investa Trading Grounds

Web and Mobile

Investa Trading Grounds is a fun and interactive game where you can learn stock market trading by challenging players in a charting game.

The Context

Investagrams wants to be known as a place where you can learn the stock market.

While Investagrams is traditionally known for its serious stuffs — like charting, technical analysis, fundamentals, economics, and other financial field of practice. We also want to offer a place where users can have fun while learning. Hence, we created the Investa Trading Grounds.

The games simply works by challenging users to a charting game. Both players are given a random stock (stock name hidden) with a random time frame. Whoever gets the biggest profit using their own strategies at the end of 120 days period wins the game. The winning player gets a +1 on the ranking board and losers gets a -1.

Without compromising the core game mechanics, we wanted to create a better version of the game.

The Challenge

Investa Trading Grounds first came out with a bare skeleton look. Hardly recognizable as a game. That's because it was initially patterned similar to our charting tool. However, it didn't mean the game was ineffective. In fact, it made huge impact to our users. They loved it. With that, we wanted to level up its look and feel to complete the trading "game" experience.


The Role

I was responsible of setting the aesthetic direction of the game, as well as the front-end development for the web platform. The team was made up of four members namely; an illustrator, a mobile developer, a web developer and a UI designer. Together we were tasked to bring our users to the next gaming experience.



In stages of Design Thinking approach, my role was mainly in the area of Prototyping. Although there were a few UX improvements we applied, but the overall game dynamics were still the same.

The Solution

Our collaboration with the team lead us to 3 major areas of improvements we needed to focus; Beautification, Skill Ratings, and Seasonal Matches as new features.

1. Beautification

We took the inspiration of the overall feels and branding of the game to some popular mobile games that we also play in the office. So we came up a with a futuristic sci-fi vibe as seen below.

Investa Trading Grounds Beautification

2. Skill Rating

To give our players the sense of achievement and competitiveness, we introduced the skill ratings medals. Players can earn these medals and show off their pro-ness in the charting game.

Investa Trading Grounds Skill Rating

2. Seasonal Matches

To complete the online gaming experience, we launched our seasonal matches. Every seasons, which happens every 3 months, players are given the chance to show off their trading skills with exclusive rewards.

Investa Trading Grounds Skill Rating

The Reflection

There's only one thing I can say about this project, "it was FUN". Being able to design a game experience was a new thing to me. Although I play games as a hobby, but that perspective is way different from being part of the one making the game. And yet the fun it brought us was profound.

It was also fulfilling in so many ways. Seeing people enjoying the game and even participate in discussions to improve it, it's overwhelming . We even hosted our very first live competition in one of our yearly events and the reception just proved that the game was indeed desirable.

In the next steps, we are looking in improving based on our user feedbacks, include new features and player customizations which will further bring the game in the next level.

Investa Trading Grounds Skill Rating